Introducing the Network Ambassadors

What is a Network Ambassador?

Network Ambassadors are experienced members of the National Digital Inclusion Network who bring on-the-ground expertise in specialist areas. From digital inclusion delivery to sustainability and strategy, they want to share their knowledge with other Network members.

Network Ambassadors are here to:

You can request a free, informal call with an Ambassador to talk about:

  • Developing a new digital inclusion programme
  • Embedding Learn My Way and digital skills support into your services
  • Supporting a new audience, such as older people or refugees
  • Any specific challenges you're facing when delivering digital inclusion services

Meet the Network Ambassadors

ACDA Skills Training

ACDA Skills Training works in partnership with a range of organisations, like schools and libraries, to provide training in digital skills, ESOL, financial inclusion and more. 

Vick Virdee and his team of tutors have years of experience in supporting people from black and ethnic minority groups, lone parents, people seeking employment, the elderly and other marginalised groups.

Digital Essex

Digital Essex was set up by Essex County Council to deliver and support digital connectivity and inclusion in the region.

Jess Flack and the team work hard to advocate for digital inclusion both in the county and beyond and bring extensive experience in developing digital inclusion strategies, digital inclusion in library services, and supporting organisations to deliver the National Databank.


Gloucestershire Rural Community Council

GRCC ensure their work is informed by local needs at all times. As well as helping people learn digital skills, Daniel Gale and the team provide training across the county in digital literacy, accessibility, sustainability & organisation management. 

They bring expertise in rural areas and digital health, managing a regional digital inclusion network across Gloucestershire.


Emily Lam at Job4Me has been a great advocate for the Network, supporting other hubs in the North East to get set up and deliver projects such as the Community Digital Skills Pathway. She brings experience in supporting marginalised groups to get online and facilitating digital skills training sessions.

Previously, Emily previously worked with the Chinese Centre and has years of experience in teaching adults and helping them to achieve their goals.


Learn for Life

Learn for Life Enterprise is a community learning hub based in Sheffield. Hayley Nelson and the team integrate digital skills into their English language classes and offer opportunities and training to become Digital Champions. Many of the people they support are new to the UK, including asylum seekers and refugees.

They are a Databank and work in partnership with local libraries to provide digital champion support around the city.


Lincs Digital

Ann and Rich Avison of Lincs Digital are Network experts - they've worked with Good Things Foundation for over a decade. Lincs Digital is a Lincolnshire charity providing Community Based Learning and support at local venues, advancing education in Essential Digital Skills by providing workshops and drop-in sessions. 

They're experts in providing outreach support in rural areas and supporting older people to get online. Ann also brings experience in digital health, drawing on many years of experience as a pharmacist.


People Know How

People Know How’s holistic approach to digital inclusion focuses on a person’s overall wellbeing. Their Reconnect project includes drop-in digital support, and the team has experience in supporting people who face multiple challenges, young people and anyone else who needs help with digital.

Based in Edinburgh, they also partner with SCVO to provide the Connecting Scotland helpline, deliver the National Databank and created their own Connectivity Now campaign to combat data poverty across Scotland.


Smartlyte - Get Families Talking

Smartlyte provides family learning opportunities in Birmingham, embedding digital inclusion into their support. Working in partnership with schools, children’s centres and other partners, they're passionate about improving families’ lives and futures.

They've delivered the National Databank since day one and run regular successful Databank surgeries where they set people up with their new SIM cards.


Starting Point

Starting Point are the main community partner in the Stockport Digiknow Network, and have a thriving community cafe to boot! They deliver digital skills training through a mix of informal learning and drop in sessions and also provide training for digital champions for staff and volunteers at other organisations.

They deliver the National Databank, have their own device loan scheme and support people with learning disabilities, older people and families to gain digital skills and confidence.


Swansea MAD

The creative team at Swansea MAD provide a person-centred approach to digital inclusion, supporting young people and communities to improve their lives through digital (and many other services!). They work to provide inclusive safe spaces for people to access support and community.

A few examples of their work include supporting people to access advocacy, creative arts and skills for employability. Geraint Turner and the team deliver the National Databank and offer digital skills training at all levels, from basic to coding and even introductions to AI!