What it means to be a National Digital Inclusion Network member

The national movement that's fixing the digital divide

Good Things Foundation, the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity, powers the National Digital Inclusion Network - which is made up of thousands of organisations. Together we’re focused on changing the lives of 1 million people by 2025, helping them get access to and benefit from the online world.

Being a member of the National Digital Inclusion Network means you’re part of the movement influencing digital inclusion at a national level, advocating for change and fixing the digital divide.

Helping people who are digitally excluded

The National Digital Inclusion Network is making sure digitally excluded people have the same opportunities in our digital-by-default society. And they've already made a huge impact:


free mobile data packages have been distributed to people living in data poverty


free refurbished devices have been distributed to people who couldn’t access or afford their own.


people have been supported to learn beginner digital skills on Learn My Way.

What other members have to say

“Outside of funding opportunities we’ve been able to acquire by becoming members of the Network, I’ve enjoyed attending the monthly network meet-ups. The meet-ups have been a great opportunity to hear from other [members] about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

I would encourage other organisations to join the Network. It helps to connect you to other organisations with a similar vision... you’ll learn new skills, the website is filled with free information and opportunities. It's enabled our centre to grow.”

- Diversity House, National Digital Inclusion Network member

"Working with Good Things and being a part of the Network is really important to us. Good Things Foundation is able to reach out to bigger organisations and government officials.


It means the issue of digital exclusion is being taken more seriously, and that’s helping grassroots organisations like us so we can show the need for the issue of digital exclusion to be addressed. ”


- Skills Enterprise, National Digital Inclusion Network member

Good Things support you, so that you can easily support your community

On top of free digital inclusion services, Good Things support Network members with a range of other free benefits:

Grants and funding

Be the first to know about grant application rounds for the Fix The Digital Divide Fund.

Helpful resources

Unlock a full range of resources, tips and guidance to help people become digitally included.

Events & training

Attend free regular events and training sessions, co-delivered by experienced Network members.

Share best practice

Connect and share with peers also delivering digital inclusion services in a private social media group.

News & stories

Stay up-to-date on digital inclusion news, Good Things' announcements and Network stories.

Network Ambassadors

Get free peer support from a Network Ambassador; experienced members ready to advise on delivering a digital inclusion programme.

Track impact

See your learners’ progress and topic completions if you’re using or delivering Learn My Way.

National campaigns

Participate in the UK’s largest annual digital inclusion campaigns, such as Get Online Week.

Make the most of your membership

Part of the Network already?

If you’re a current member, make sure you’re fully utilising these free benefits to build your digital inclusion offer and better support those in your community.

Check out more about grants and using digital inclusion services, or register for an upcoming free training session.

Not yet a member?

Unlock these free benefits and digital inclusion services to help people in your community. Join thousands of other organisations in the National Digital Inclusion Network.

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