Your fundraising strategy

The basics of developing a fundraising strategy for small non-profits.

About this event

Vic Hancock-Fell from Fair Collective will cover the basics of building strong foundations to prepare your small charity for efficient and effective fundraising.

You will learn how to assess your organisation’s fundraising landscape, the importance of having a diverse mix of income streams, what kinds of fundraising there are and which are the best fit for you and your organisation.

We will consider the practicalities of how to fit fundraising alongside your other responsibilities and the importance of getting support from Trustees, volunteers and your peers.

Vic is a small charity sector devotee with more than 15 years experience working within the charity sector as a founder, fundraiser, CEO, Trustee, consultant and trainer. She has worked with organisations like NCVO, Lloyds Bank Foundation and the FSI as well as hundreds of small charities.