How do I access information on the people I have supported?

View my Hub

This is your starting point, where you get to from signing in. (If you have multiple Hubs connected to your account, use the 'switch Hub' link near your Hub name to find the Hub you want to view.)

Hub menu

Under your Hub name, you'll find the Hub menu. Choose the second option.

The second link on the Hub menu is highlighted which leads to All people supported

All people supported

From this page you can 'Add a person supported', see a monthly summary and view:

  • People's basic details, and the date the support was provided
  • Whether the person is a Databank recipient who received a device and/or data
  • Topic completions of Learn My Way learners registered under your Hub number
  • The benefit Id (useful if you need to contact Good Things about anything)

Select the person's name to see more details. Use the table filter to find a person you supported.

Initially you will only see data up to and including the 1st January 2024. Please note: there may be some delay after launch in uploading this data so please bear with us.