How can I update the details you hold for my Hub?

View my Hub

This is your starting point, where you get to from signing in. (If you have multiple Hubs connected to your account, use the 'switch Hub' link near your Hub name to find the Hub you want to edit.)

My Hub membership

Hub details

The first link under 'My Hub membership' is where you edit your basic Hub details:

  • Hub name
  • contact information
  • legal status
  • address(es)

Hub profile

This link will allow you to edit:

  • areas of work
  • types of users
  • add or edit information about your Hub for the National Digital Inclusion Network map/directory
  • Hub contact permissions


From here you can:

  • 'Add a user to your Hub' - the form that opens will send an invitation email to set up a sign-in account
  • edit* or remove users from your Hub account
  • edit which user is set as your 'Primary contact'
    • this is initially set to the person who created the Hub account
    • you must, and can only, have one user set to this

You can also access the Users section through the Hub menu (under your Hub name):

The fourth option on the Hub menu to access Users

Currently, when you edit a user you can only change their role or 'Primary contact' status. Add a user if they need to sign in with a different email address.