It’s a festival of impact and data!

Our research and data insights team are very excited to launch a flurry of activities in April designed to help you, and us, better measure your impact.

Demonstrating your impact through data can help you to access funding opportunities and make the case for digital inclusion at your organisation. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together these resources to support you to both access existing data on digital inclusion, and to improve your own data collection processes.

On demand data collection resources

Our research and data insights team have designed a simple 10 question survey that you can use to capture feedback from the people you’ve supported. The survey is about the digital inclusion support received and the difference it has made to them. You could use the data collected for your own impact measurement, to help you understand the difference your digital inclusion work is having. We have a very comprehensive guide that links to the survey and other supporting resources.


This photo shows a man smiling at the camera, stood outside holding a mobile phone.

Two great events for your team

Jo Reynolds and Megan Potts from our research team are also hosting two new events to support hubs in different areas of impact and data insights. If you can’t make the live event, you will be able to find replays of this on our events page soon.

Measuring impact: evaluating the difference your digital inclusion support makes, 16th April

The Wonder of Data: Accessing and using different sources of data on digital inclusion, 22nd April

Stats and Facts on Digital Inclusion

We know that it can be hard to know where to find accurate, up-to-date stats on digital inclusion, so we’ve created a list of sources that you might find useful to better understand the issue, and highlight the need for your work in proposals.

Other Great Resources

Digital Unite has created an excellent webpage on What is Digital Inclusion? that pulls together all kinds of information on digital inclusion including research, statistics and useful definitions.

Catalyst shares 7 tips for Using Data Better, and provide lots of other useful resources to support charities with all things digital.

NCVO has a useful guide on Data and Insights covering the basics from “What actually is data?” to more advanced support.