Celebrating our hubs during Refugee Week

In celebration of Refugee Week, we want to share some good practice and success stories from hubs that support asylum seekers and refugees to access the digital world.

Why is this important?

For new arrivals to the UK who are fleeing wars, persecution and other major struggles, being connected to the internet makes a huge difference to both their ability to stay in touch with loved ones that may be scattered around the world, and to access essential services and other aspects of life in the UK. This means, having access to a device, connectivity and the skills needed to navigate the online world safely.

The Red Cross have written some excellent reports highlighting the impact of digital exclusion on asylum seekers in accessing healthcare, and the needs of refugee women.

Stories from the network

Many hubs in the National Digital Inclusion Network work tirelessly to support refugees and asylum seekers through initiatives like the National Databank and Learn My Way so that they can access digital health services, open doors to learning and work, and stay connected with their loved ones. 

Here are some really moving stories highlighting the impact of this support.

  1. Jonathan
  2. Amer

Good Practice in Digital Skills for New Arrivals

We’ve worked with our ambassador hubs to create these guides in supporting people to use our free basic digital skills platform to taking their first steps online and overcome language barriers whilst doing so.

  1. Using Learn My Way for ESOL 
  2. Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees Using Learn My Way 

We’ve also got a guide on how you can use the Chrome translate function to translate Learn My Way into a number of languages.

Free Mobile Data from the National Databank

The National Databank has been a lifeline for many asylum seekers and refugees. You can read more about this offer and how it works here.

Events for our network

We have some great events that will be useful to hubs that support refugees and asylum seekers, including:

  • Helping people to access free mobile data through the National Databank
  • Supporting asylum seekers and refugees to access the digital world
  • Combining English and basic digital skills learning

You can register for space or watch catch ups of past events here.