Listening and taking action - an update on the recent Network Survey

Over 400 Network members took part in our last survey. We've turned their feedback into an action plan.

We’re pleased to share highlights from the most recent Network Survey, conducted in November and December ‘23. The survey happens twice a year, and is an opportunity for all the Hubs in the Network to tell us what’s working well and where we can improve. It’s a really valuable source of insight for us, to help us monitor the impact of the Network and identify how to make things better for you including improving our products and services, so together we can reach more people who face digital exclusion. Over 400 hubs completed the last survey - thanks very much to them. 

The headlines

We have prepared a summary of the key insights and statistics from the last survey, as well as an Action Plan detailing our responses to what you’ve told us, and where we’re making changes. A few of the headlines:

  • 91% of hubs who completed the survey deliver other types of digital inclusion support in addition to Good Things products and services, and 56% of hubs deliver this wider support to over half of their clients. We’re really interested to know more about what other kinds of digital inclusion support you provide and how we can help support that work, so will be exploring this in ongoing research and conversations with hubs.
  • 86% of hubs who completed the survey are satisfied with being part of the Network; a small increase from the previous survey. We’re pleased to hear this but we’re keen to continue improving how we support the Network, for example with the recent redevelopment of the Members’ Area website. 
  • Lack of access to devices through the Device Bank remains a key barrier. We recognise that this is an ongoing issue, due to demand for devices far outstripping the supply we have to provide through the Device Bank. We continue to work to source new donations of devices and hope to open a new round of applications for Device Bank in the coming months - keep an eye on your newsletter and Members’ Area news.

Having your say

We know that the Hubs in the Network are our most valuable asset for reaching people who face digital exclusion and making a real difference in their lives. That’s why we want to encourage you to give your feedback on what we’re doing and how we can improve. 

The next Network Survey will be released in May so please keep an eye out for more information in the newsletter, website and on social media. We will also be sharing information about other ways you can help us with collecting data to measure the impact of digital inclusion support over the coming weeks.

Thank you again to all those who have shared their views and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the next Network Survey.