PSTN Switchover - The switch to digital

Changes are coming for the UK’s landline services, with our old copper wire service switching to an internet-based service over the next few years. Does your hub have all the information you need to support people in your community to make the change?

Are you ready for the switch to digital voice?

For most customers, this will be a really simple process, but other customers may need more support to make sure they stay connected, this includes:

  • Vulnerable customers (older people, people with disabilities)
  • People with no internet at home
  • People with no mobile phone
  • People in very rural areas

BT recently announced that they were delaying their end date to move all customers to digital voice by the end of 2027. However, telephone and internet providers have different approaches to the switchover, and potentially different timelines.

We’ve pulled together this list of resources to help hubs find accurate information on the switchover that they can share with their customers.

Our friends at Tech UK are working hard to raise awareness and provide information on the changes, and have shared these useful leaflets that you can use with people in your communities.

We’re also working with Tech UK to offer hubs an opportunity to get accurate information about the changes on Wednesday 19th June, 2-3:30pm. We will have representatives from a range of providers on hand to answer your questions.