Introduction to artificial intelligence

Disover how our introduction to artificial intelligence video can help build confidence and a better understanding of what AI can do.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to significantly alter the digital landscape. People are increasingly exposed to AI online, even if they don’t realise it. We understand the importance of giving people with low digital skills and confidence a better understanding of what AI can do, and to build their confidence to use it.

Our research has highlighted the importance of addressing fears and misconceptions about AI. To bridge this gap, we’ve developed an animated video as the first in a series of learning resources.

Our Introduction to Artificial Intelligence video aims to reassure people that AI could be a useful tool for them. It explains how AI can support them with everyday tasks, such as online shopping, streaming, and social media. And even how they can use it to create new content, such as letters and job applications.

The video has a voiceover and subtitles, and is also available in a Welsh language version.

Please encourage everyone who watches the video to give it a thumbs up if they feel more confident about using AI in their life afterwards.

We’ve also included this animation as a new topic on our free online learning platform Learn My Way. The topic can help demystify AI and address worries around misuse of personal information.

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