MI report: People supported

This guide explains how you can access reports on people you’ve supported on the Members’ Area website.

Management Information (MI) can be a key part of running your hub. 

The reports on the Members’ Area website can help you identify how many people you’ve supported, and the types of support they've recieved. They include information about National Data Bank, digital skills, project work and user surveys.

You can filter and sort the reports in various ways, and view an overview or individual user records.

People with an Account / Finance Manager role in the Members’ Area website have access to management information reports on people supported at their hub.

At present this data is uploaded once every month, so some people may not appear in the report straight away, depending on when they were supported.

The data available in the reports includes:

  • Data SIMs issued
  • Learn My Way registrations and completions
  • Project specific support*
  • User survey completions

* Project specific support can be added via the Add a person you supported option. This is available on the View my hub page.

How do I access the reports?

  • Open the View my hub page
  • Select the People supported icon (the hand) from the quick links bar at the top of the page




This will display a list of all the people supported by your hub. You can use the filter and sort options to refine and view the report as needed.

You can view access an individual's record by typing their name into the filter field and then selecting the name of the person you wish to view. 

How do I access the People supported per month report?

  • Select the view a monthly summary option
  • Select the month that you would like to view

Why could some Learn My Way users be missing from your report?

Registrations and completions are only recorded for people who registered on Learn My Way using your centre’s name or number.

If the person registered using the wrong details, or if they didn’t choose the being supported by an online centre option, they won’t show in the report.

If you need someone’s record updating to link it to your hub, please contact us .

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