Digital inclusion stats and facts

Making the case for your digital inclusion work? Here's a list of data sources that you can dip into whenever you need to demonstrate the need for helping people to get online.

  1. Digital Nation
    Each year Good Things Foundation provides a summary of key statistics about digital inclusion, who is most affected by digital exclusion and emerging themes. 
  2. House of Lords Digital Exclusion report 2023
    This report from June 2023 highlights a range of key issues, including the importance of community-based digital inclusion support.
  3. Lloyds UK Consumer Digital Index 2023
    This annual report is a great source of statistics on essential digital skills and access to the internet that highlight the need for digital inclusion services.
  4. Facts and Figures about Digital Inclusion and Older People
    Age UK released this useful summary of data on digital inclusion and the over 50s.
  5. Data Poverty APPG State of the Nation
    A very comprehensive report from September 2023 on data poverty, or lack of access to the internet, with statistics and a review of work to tackle the issue.
  6. Digital Exclusion Risk Index - DERI
    Greater Manchester Combined Authority created this mapping tool to identify where digital inclusion support is most likely to be needed.
  7. Adults' media use and attitudes report 2023
    This report provides a wide range of data on media use, attitudes, and understanding among UK adults. 
  8. Nominet Digital Youth Index
    Each year Nominet conducts research monitoring the key drivers, challenges and opportunities in young people’s relationship with digital technology across the UK.


Are we missing anything?

If you think we’ve missed any great data sources, let us know so that we can keep this list relevant and up-to-date.

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