Can my organisation join the National Digital Inclusion Network?

As a registered charity, community interest company, social enterprise, community benefit or cooperative society?

Yes - join the National Digital Inclusion Network 

As a local authority or NHS Trust?

Local authorities, NHS Trusts and other public services are welcome to join the Network. We recommend when joining making sure to include the name of the particular team or department you are registering as in the organisation name field (e.g. [name] Council - Employment Team)

As a company?

Organisations that work for the benefit of others, not for financial gain, are welcome to join the National Digital Inclusion Network.

We don’t accept applications to join the Network from profit making companies unless they have a clear social purpose, are Community Interest Companies, Social Enterprises or working with Good Things Foundation as strategic partners or financial supporters.

You may wish to partner with us to support our mission

As an unincorporated association?

Unincorporated associations are eligible to join the Network, as long as they can provide information about their approach to management and constitution. This will be requested through the onboarding process.

As an individual, to stay up to date with your work?

The National Digital Inclusion Network is designed for organisations. The best way to stay up to date with our work as an individual is by signing up for our stakeholder newsletter