Eligibility to join the National Digital Inclusion Network

We’re really excited that you’re interested in joining the National Digital Inclusion Network. The National Digital Inclusion Network is a free membership network for organisations in the UK that help people improve their lives by accessing the internet safely, confidently and affordably.

Before you begin your application, let’s check that you’re in the right place:

  • Is your organisation currently providing free digital inclusion support to people in your community, or are you interested in starting to?
  • Is your organisation a registered charity, community interest company, social enterprise, community benefit, cooperative society, local authority, library, NHS Trust or other public service?
  • Or, if your organisation is an unincorporated association, do you have a constitution?

If you’ve answered yes to the above criteria, please proceed through the application process.

Join the Network

For-profit organisations

As we need to ensure every member of the National Digital Inclusion Network is working for the good of others, we review applications from for-profit entities on a case-by-case basis.

If your organisation is for-profit, we will need to understand your social purpose and how you plan to utilise our digital inclusion services for the benefit of others.

Read this FAQ for more information on joining as a for-profit organisation, or get in touch with us directly to discuss further.


We only accept applications from organisations that meet the above criteria. However, if you’re here independently, we’d love to stay in touch!

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