Make some noise: advocacy & digital inclusion campaigning

Good Things are helping Network members make some noise and raise awareness of our community-based support at a pivotal time for digital inclusion.

New resources to help you advocate and campaign for digital inclusion

We hope you’ve seen the frontpage news about our huge Digital for All campaign! We’re making some noise to raise awareness of digital inclusion and the importance of community-based support for people who aren’t online.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together these resources to help you to:

  • support the #DigitalForAll campaign
  • advocate for digital inclusion ahead of the general election
  • and importantly, develop your own advocacy work, raising awareness of the essential work your digital inclusion hub does to #FixTheDigitalDivide


1. Digital for All campaign

This campaign, running throughout March, aims to bring attention to the issue of digital exclusion, demonstrate the positive outcomes of support to get online, and spread the word that free support is available through Digital Inclusion Hubs.

We invite all members of the Network to support the campaign so that they can raise awareness of the issue at a local and national level. If we all raise our voices, more people will understand and value the vital role of hubs like yours.

The Good Things' communications team have created posters, social media images and a handy comms pack with social media templates for you to support the campaign.


2. The general election campaign

We’re also campaigning ahead of the next general election to ensure political parties prioritise digital inclusion, and you in the Network, in their manifestos.

Good Things' Policy and Advocacy Officer, Urko Beltran de Guevara, is running a snappy Action Session on 13th March, and you’re invited to join us or watch the session on-demand! Find out more about our advocacy asks and how you can get involved.

Urko has also created these letter templates to help you engage with your MP about digital inclusion, inviting them to visit your hub to witness the impact you’re having in person.


3. Your advocacy work

You may also want to develop your own advocacy work beyond the Digital for All campaign. Good Things' Community Engagement Officer, Marlowe MacDonald, has drawn on their background in advocacy training to create this guide on local spheres of influence - helping you identify your potential supporters and allies.

And NCVO has a great guide for political campaigning as a charity, which will be relevant to other types of non-profit too.


3. Raising your organisation’s profile on social media

Marlowe has also created a handy guide for social media for campaigning, helping Digital Inclusion Hubsbuild on their online presence and get their messages across.

And finally, this social media toolkit from Skillscast is another fantastic resource that covers strategy, analytics, style and more.


We hope you find these resources helpful in your campaigning and advocacy work. Together we can #FixTheDigitalDivide - for good!