Kobra's story: from disconnected to immersed in community

Kobra was struggling to afford connectivity before visiting her local digital inclusion hub. Since accessing free data, devices and digital skills training, her life has been transformed.

Digital was an unaffordable essential

Kobra is a young mother who is new to the UK. She came here with her family in search of a fresh start and a brighter future in a new country. After arriving in the UK, she quickly realised that access to a device and internet data was essential to live her day to day life – not just for herself, but for her children, too.

However, the cost of a device and an internet connection was just too much, especially when there were so many other essentials to pay for. With young children who need the internet for school work, not having an internet connection wasn’t an option. 

That’s why Kobra visited her local Digital Inclusion Hub, Job4Me, a community organisation in Gateshead that supports people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to move a step closer to employment. 

A turning point: free device and mobile data

This was a turning point for Kobra since it was there that was given her own laptop and phone through the National Device Bank and mobile data through the National Databank to enable her to access the online world. This opened up lots more opportunities for Kobra, she uses her device to improve her digital skills, access online learning and help her children to do their homework. She has improved so much that she can now even help her friends with online tasks too, something she wasn’t able to do before getting help. 

By getting online and visiting her local digital inclusion hub, Kobra has been able to immerse herself in her community and connect with new people. Digital has allowed Kobra to get out of the house and take a break from her household duties. Now, she has a part time job at Job4Me where she helps other people improve their digital skills. 

Kobra's story

Kobra has been supported to get connected through the National Digital Inclusion Network, she shares her story.